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New Years recipes continued…Japanese soba noodles!

Why hello there darlings! I have one more vegan Asian New Years recipe for ya. Japanese soba noodles!! Yes indeedy. My family gathering had a big bowl of soba noodles and I was inhaling it like no other…as were my other family members. There is such simplicity to this vegan recipe that is both refreshing [...]

Happy New Year!!! :: 2008 Viva the Veg-ness

Happy New Year everyone! 2008 in the hizzy!! Are you excited for it or what? I apologize for the corny title…but yeah…whateva, you like it. So these past couple of days has been pretty food-filled. Mainly Asian foods due to my family’s ethnicity. And typically, a lot of Asian cultures are pretty traditional in regards [...]

More on Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Food…

Hey party people! Sooo.. just as I promised, I did make a trip back down to that place I blogged about yesterday. Drumroll por favor… the name is : THIEN HUONG RESTAURANT. Check it! Unfortunately, they do not seem to be listed online anywhere. Let me just tell you though, they really don’t need to. [...]

Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Food :: Chinatown, LA

Wonderfulness [and also saliva] drops from my lips when I think of certain vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese dishes. Particularly, my two favorites are the vegan spring rolls and the vegetarian sandwiches. It just doesn’t get any better than those two staples right there. I literally have crazy cravings for them, and often. Oohhh…just look at [...]

Urth Caffé :: Westside in the house!

Last night we made a little trip to the Westside to visit some friends of ours, and we had a few hours to kill, to chill and eat some dinner before we met them at a bar. Fortunately, the Westside of LA has a plethora of dining options that are vegetarian and vegan -friendly. Wooooot. [...]

A very vegan xmasssss… happy holly daze!

Christmas has done come and gone. And you know what Christmas equals…it equals massive amounts of foooood!! Okay, maybe the amounts are not quite “massive” for my vegan and vegetarian brethren. But that’s what I’m here fo! To talk a little about some easy vegan recipes that I cooked up over these past couple of [...]

Rahel Vegan Ethiopian Cuisine To Go-Go

  So today we’re talking about quickies. And by quickies I mean, quick, on-the-go, readily available, delicious vegan meals. What did you think I meant? More specifically, I am going to rave and rant about the companies/restaurants that distribute meals such as the one that is pictured above. For the 5 people that actually read [...]

Vegan Cheesecake

Okay, so the other day, we went back to the vegan soul food place in an aforementioned blog post, Soul Vegetarian. We’re so hooked! It’s our new fling, what can I say. Well anyway, indeed again, the food was mind blowing and fantastic. But what I wanted to talk about today was their truly exquisite [...]

Vegan Winter Recipes :: Stews n’ soups

I don’t know about all of ya’ll but it’s damn cold outside these days!! Right?! I’m totally freezing [by LA standards] all the time, and I have to wear like 5 layers of clothes at night and blast the heater and then I’m only feeling okay, not super super toasty warm. Soooooooo…it’s time to break [...]

Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies!

  Dear lord. Really, these cookies are like heaven on vegan earth. When that sweet tooth of mine kicks in, I crave me some of these…be warned. These are not your average vegan cookies. These are some of the BEST I have ever had, including non-vegan cookies. You best believe it. Dude! Even my boss [...]

Vegan Soul Food

Whatchu know about vegan soul food?! Wow I’ve always heard people mentioning this, but haven’t gotten around to trying it…until yesterday!!! Damn I do not know what I was waiting for. Everything at Soul Vegetarian a.k.a. “The Real Soul Food,” is effin’ delicious!! Holy shit. You MUST get your booties down there and try it [...]

Vegan mac + no cheese recipe!

Jeez, talk about adult [vegan] comfort food! Okay, I don’t know if it’s the weather or what, but I’ve been craving this like CRAZY. I was trying to rack my brain to think of how I could concoct this vegan-ly, but also have it taste good. My initial thought was to just buy a shitload [...]

Taro cake vegan recipe

Hello hello! Comin atcha with a new vegan recipe! Finally huh. You just thought my life was just about wining and dining, drinking and cavorting didn’t you?!! Ha ha, yeah right. Well. Yes now I’m in cooking mode!! To the despair and disgust of my poor boyfriend. Just kidding. I’m not too bad in the [...]

Messob :: Little Ethiopia

Damn I’ve been eatin gooooood lately. We’re so lucky living in such a diverse city, where we can get damn good food from practically any part of the globe! Last night we all went out to eat at MESSOB in Little Ethiopia. Holy chit. Me and Wilson HEART Ethiopian food and wanted to surprise Daniel [...]

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