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A Truly Vegan Restaurant

Many so-called vegan and/or vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles can hardly tout that they are in fact, “a truly vegan restaurant.” But in fact, there is one restaurant, located on the fringes of Hollywood, that actually goes by, and lives up to its name: A Truly Vegan Restaurant. This quaint little place is charming, and [...]

Cinnamon Vegetarian Restaurant :: Highland Park

So a few weeks ago, Wilson and I decided to venture out to a new vegan/vegetarian restaurant, which is always awesome since there aren’t a million vegan/veggie places. Don’t get me wrong, LA has a plethora of vegan and vegetarian restaurants, and it’s often times a shitload more than most places. But hey, we’ve been [...]

NGOMA :: Veggie-friendly African food!

Yup, that’s riiiiight, African food! I know that sounds pretty vague and all encompassing [i.e. like which part of Africa??], but from the experience that I had the other night, it was pretty remarkable. In fact, it actually does serve various African dishes from all over the continent; they split up the menu by region. [...]

Iza-yoi, Little Tokyo :: Vegan sushi!

So Vinh and I went to eat at a place called Izayoi the other day, which is located in the heart of Little Tokyo in Downtown LA. I’ve heard a few good things here and there from various people…but for some reason, I had my reservations about the place. First of all, the name is [...]

Green Leaves Vegan…got it goin’ on!

So the other day, me and my boo went to Green Leaves Vegan in Los Feliz. Also, the weather has been so beautiful, we ate outside and it was really pleasant. Man, that place is so good! It has so many options to choose from, and a ton of dishes that are really hearty and [...]

Little Tokyo :: Suehiro Cafe, best Japanese diner in L.A.!

Yes, that may be a brash or bold statement, but hey, that’s what I feel. Sue me! No but really, it’s really really good. And the price is yummy too!! [i.e. $ out of a $$$$ rating] Okay so Suehiro Cafe is located in Little Tokyo and here’s their info: 337 E First St Los [...]

The Brite Spot…Eastside Vegetarian/Vegan late night haven!!

So the new spot we’ve been going to is….the Brite Spot in Echo Park. Seriously we’re on a roll. It’s been 3 days in a row and counting. But the reason this place is so good, is that it is one of the only diners that is open super late on the Eastsiiiiiiiide of LALAland, [...]

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