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Vegan Cheesecake

Okay, so the other day, we went back to the vegan soul food place in an aforementioned blog post, Soul Vegetarian. We’re so hooked! It’s our new fling, what can I say. Well anyway, indeed again, the food was mind blowing and fantastic. But what I wanted to talk about today was their truly exquisite [...]

Vegan Soul Food

Whatchu know about vegan soul food?! Wow I’ve always heard people mentioning this, but haven’t gotten around to trying it…until yesterday!!! Damn I do not know what I was waiting for. Everything at Soul Vegetarian a.k.a. “The Real Soul Food,” is effin’ delicious!! Holy shit. You MUST get your booties down there and try it [...]

Messob :: Little Ethiopia

Damn I’ve been eatin gooooood lately. We’re so lucky living in such a diverse city, where we can get damn good food from practically any part of the globe! Last night we all went out to eat at MESSOB in Little Ethiopia. Holy chit. Me and Wilson HEART Ethiopian food and wanted to surprise Daniel [...]


If you live in L.A., and you’re vegan or even just vegan friendly…then you know what I’m talkin ’bout!!!! That’s right….PURE LUCK baby!!!!!!!! Seriously, I think it’s one of the best vegan spots in the city of angels. DAMN. Me and my boo are addicted. It’s super fresh, clean and tantalizing vegan food!!!! And it’s [...]

Little Tokyo :: Suehiro Cafe, best Japanese diner in L.A.!

Yes, that may be a brash or bold statement, but hey, that’s what I feel. Sue me! No but really, it’s really really good. And the price is yummy too!! [i.e. $ out of a $$$$ rating] Okay so Suehiro Cafe is located in Little Tokyo and here’s their info: 337 E First St Los [...]

The Brite Spot…Eastside Vegetarian/Vegan late night haven!!

So the new spot we’ve been going to is….the Brite Spot in Echo Park. Seriously we’re on a roll. It’s been 3 days in a row and counting. But the reason this place is so good, is that it is one of the only diners that is open super late on the Eastsiiiiiiiide of LALAland, [...]

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