Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies!

Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies!


Dear lord. Really, these cookies are like heaven on vegan earth. When that sweet tooth of mine kicks in, I crave me some of these…be warned. These are not your average vegan cookies. These are some of the BEST I have ever had, including non-vegan cookies. You best believe it. Dude! Even my boss who ate it, who had no idear that it was a vegan cookie [because he is kind of against vegan/vegetarian-ness in general], totally loved it and asked what kind of cookie it was. Imagine the smirk, I mean grin on my face as I told him it was the fabulous Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies [with walnuts, no less]!!


Over the holidays, I’m loosely planning on scrounging around for vegan dessert recipes and try my hands at a little Betty Crocker-ness. Something about these damn holidays makes me crave sweets like a madwoman. Totally out of control. And what’s a vegan to do [aspiring vegans included]?!?! Ay chihuahua. That’s it. I’m on a damn mission! So delicious will bring on the goodness!! Please believe it.


Here’s a picture of some random chick holding the cute little bag of these delectable cookies:


Some random chick w/ Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies!


Yeah, notice the bag is empty yo!! Okay so Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods obviously carry these lovely vegan treats and make sweet satisfaction readily available to vegans and non-vegans alike. In addition, other independently owned natural food stores should carry them as well. So protect ya neck and grab a bunch next time you’re out grocery shopping…well don’t grab them all…leave some for the rest of us too!!