Vegan Winter Recipes :: Stews n’ soups

I don’t know about all of ya’ll but it’s damn cold outside these days!! Right?! I’m totally freezing [by LA standards] all the time, and I have to wear like 5 layers of clothes at night and blast the heater and then I’m only feeling okay, not super super toasty warm. Soooooooo…it’s time to break out some vegan winter recipes to warm us up from the inside!! And today we’re talkin STEWS. Stews, soups, whatever you want to call them, but I love them because they really get the warming up job done right. There’s really nothing like eating a big bowl of hot stuff on a chilly winter day…it’s just almost like human instinct. Plus they are relatively easy and quick vegan recipes!

Anyway, here’s a Mixed Vegetable soup recipe that I found:

Mixed Vegetable Soup

Serves 4

2 tbs sunflower oil
60g leek, roughly chopped
2 medium sized potato, roughly diced
60g carrot, roughly diced
60g parsnip, roughly diced
2 tbs split red lentils
1 pint of vegetable stock
Additional water
Salt & Pepper to taste

Over a medium heat sauté the leek with the sunflower oil for approximately 5 minutes.
Add the potato, carrot and parsnip.
Cook for a further 5 minutes.
Add the stock and lentils.
Bring to the boil, turn down heat, cover and then simmer for 30 minutes.
Liquidize, return to saucepan, and add water until required consistency.
Heat, season and serve immediately.

Additional spices and ingredients can be added to really add complex flavor as well. One of my favorite spice combinations was told to me by this Moroccan girl that I knew, and it’s fantastic, I use it on everything. You just add cumin and cinnamon together, and it gives whatever you are serving a really nice, exotic flavor.

The next recipe is a vegetable stew that my friend Andy cooked, although I do not have the exact measurements of everything, so I apologize.

Vegan Vegetable Stew

2 cans stewed tomatoes
a little bit of olive oil
chopped up sweet potatoes
1 can of beans of your choice
the “bean juice” from that can
chopped up mushrooms
chopped garlic
chopped up kale
a little bit of red wine
a bay leaf or two
salt n’ pepper
chopped up jalapeno or any kind of pepper for some HEAT

So basically you’re going to need a huge pot for this bad boy. First things first, the chopped garlic and onions go in with a little bit of olive oil to simmer up for taste. Next is the stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, beans and bean juice, and the sweet potatoes. While everything is marinating, add salt n’ pepper and a little red wine for taste. Next is the peppers of your choice, the bay leaves and more flavoring if you need. Lastly is the kale since that takes very little time to cook. Let everything simmer for awhile til you think it’s good and ready to be served. When done, serve with some brown rice and some sprouted grain bread and voila! You have a fantastically yummy and hearty vegan stew! :)

Big ups to Andy for cooking this wonderful and tasty stew~!