More on Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Food…

Hey party people! Sooo.. just as I promised, I did make a trip back down to that place I blogged about yesterday. Drumroll por favor… the name is : THIEN HUONG RESTAURANT. Check it! Unfortunately, they do not seem to be listed online anywhere. Let me just tell you though, they really don’t need to. That place is poppin’ at all hours!! It’s really just about the amazing quality of the food, because it sho ain’t about anything else really. I take that back, the service and everyone who works there is super super friendly and nice. So please go if you can. It’s in a plaza off of Hill Street in Chinatown, next to this place called San Woo. Hope that helps!

Well anyway, since we’re/I’m still on this topic of vegetarian and/or vegan Vietnamese foods, I’ll give you a little heads up, quick and E-Z recipe that you can easily make at home whenever the cravings hit you.

So what it is here that we’re going to go over is the Vietnamese spring roll. Spring rolls are great, especially for vegetarians and vegans, because all you really need is the Vietnamese rice paper and whatever else you enjoy eating, and you’re good to go. It’s a really simple and tasty snack.

Vietnamese rice paper :: Majik wraps!

The rice paper usually looks as it is depicted above, and you can generally get them at any Asian grocery store, but preferably a Vietnamese grocery store, if that’s possible in your area. So I’m going to give you an example of a typical Vietnamese spring roll recipe, and feel free to substitute or add ingredients as you see fit. Aiite?!

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

rice paper wrappers
rice vermicelli
small cos leaves or spinach
shredded cucumber
shredded carrot
bean sprouts
finely sliced capsicum
mint and coriander, chopped
chinese mushrooms, soaked and chopped
roasted peanuts, coarsley chopped

Slice the tofu into small strips and marinate in whatever you like: soy and chili, rice vinegar and lime, peanut sauce, etc. Once it’s marinated, stir fry.

Put the rice vermicelli in a bowl and pour boiling water over to cover. Leave for a couple of minutes until it softens.

To make the rolls, pour hot water into a shallow, wide bowl. Slide the rice paper wraps into the water one at a time, leaving them in there for a minute or two until they’re soft. Take a soft wrap and lay it on your plate. Put down a couple of leaves, then top with other ingredients, in a sausage shape in the lower half of the wrap, leaving the edges clear. Fold one edge over, then the sides, and then roll up the wrap nice and tightly.

Serve the rolls with a dipping sauce – you can use peanut sauce, sweet chili, or the Sriracha sauce… a.k.a. “Hot Cock” sauce:

Sriracha saucey sauce...aka

So there you have it folks. Another super easy vegan/vegetarian recipe, just because I love you. Awwwww!