Does that look nuts or what?! Pardon the pun. So the other day Wilson’s pops gave me a coconut, because he knew that I was totally in love with the coconut juice from that Vietnamese restaurant that I blogged about earlier. They’re fantastic!! Such an awesome vegan treat/snack. And really, this is coming from someone who used to hate all things coconut. Plus, a fresh coconut completely blows that canned stuff out of the water.

Anyway, coconuts look so weird without the brown hairy stuff you’re used to imagining! Let me just tell you though…anything with coconuts [or a whole coconut itself] is paradise!! [I'm so cheesy today]. In fact, not only does this delicacy taste totally amazing, but it’s also really nutritious! It has plenty of potassium and the juice is very mineral-rich.

So typically, you can get coconuts either from [you guessed it...] an Asian supermarket, or sometimes health food stores or shops have them for you to consume. When I used to work in Venice, there was a little health/juice shop that always had fresh coconuts for the health conscious/vegetarians/vegans/ and non- alike! It always looked so refreshing when people would get them and stick their little straws in them and drink. This was my pre-loving coconuts days, so I never tried them out. Drats!

Coconut juice, especially if it’s from a young coconut [which are the green ones], are super sweet and yummy! If you happened to choose a magical one, the coconut juice can be sweeter than the coconut milk you can buy. I highly recommend this vegetarian and vegan-friendly treat. All you gotta do is buy it, chop the top off, drink and enjoy!! And afterwards, you can even scrape out the coconut meat inside, which adds another layer of fun and deliciousness.

I imagine you can even add the fresh juice to other fruit juices or beverages to give it some extra flava flav. I think I’d want a vegan pina colada. Dude! Holler at me and we’ll have a vegan pina colada party….woooooooo!!