The Brite Spot…Eastside Vegetarian/Vegan late night haven!!

So the new spot we’ve been going to is….the Brite Spot in Echo Park. Seriously we’re on a roll. It’s been 3 days in a row and counting. But the reason this place is so good, is that it is one of the only diners that is open super late on the Eastsiiiiiiiide of LALAland, and also carries vegetarian/vegan options!!!! Holy crap, that’s why I’m in love. For a night owl like myself who also happens to not eat a lot of animal products…this place is a haven of sorts.

brite spot logo

Here’s an image of their logo, kind of intense! But overall, the atmosphere is really chill and relaxed, the waiters/waitresses are all pretty nice, and the food hits the spot as well…pardon my pun. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my delicious food…I really need to carry my camera around with me. I could take pictures of my leftovers, but I really don’t think it would do the food justice.

They have a whole variety of vegetarian/vegan options. All of the vegetarian options on the menu are listed in green [how appropriate!] and they don’t scrimp…they have breakfast options like vegetarian omelettes, granola with fruits, waffles, and pancakes, just to name some of the many. One of my absolute favorite things to get off of the breakfast side is their “sloppy tofu mess.” Going along with the funny name, it really does a vegetarian/vegan right and hits the spot kind of like it’s meat filled kin, the sloppy joe. It’s a hearty “mess” of veggies like broccoli, zucchini, mushrooms and potatoes, mixed in with soyrizo, tofu and cheese. Though by default the “sloppy tofu mess” contains cheese, you can request soy cheese and the workers are more than happy to accomodate. That’s another thing! The waiters are super helpful! When I first ordered it, I just ordered it without cheese, but he suggested that I order it with soy cheese to my pleasant surprise. YUM! Yes, so for all you vegans out there, don’t be afraid to ask for vegan options on certain dishes.
They also have an array of vegetarian/vegan soups and veggie chili. There was a bomb ass ginger root soup [vegan] I had the past couple of nights…wow, super yummy and it actually tasted really fresh. The texture was really good and thick and pureed-ish. I LOVE ginger and it’s also really good for you too.

They also have veggie sandwiches, soyburgers, soyrizo with eggs [or not] and a seemingly plethora of other options that I have yet to try. Actually I had the veggie sandwich before, and I think it was the very first time I went to the Brite Spot and I was amazed at the freshness and quality of the vegetables in the sandwich! I totally thought it was going to be like typical diner food…you know what I’m talkin’ ’bout…wilted ice berg lettuce and pale tomatoes…ay yai yai…just the thought makes me cringe. But yeah, so the Brite Spot’s veggies are the polar opposite of that vegetarian/vegan nightmare: the vegetables are bright, colorful and fresh!! Ch-ch-check it!!!