Lark vegan cupcakes :: Silverlake

As usual, I’ve been having mad sweet tooth cravings. Unfortunately I think this is much influenced by Wilson. Ahhh well what can you do? Now I’m of the thought that sweets make life much more pleasant…and this is somewhat adopted from a quote by Nietzsche, that “life without [dessert] would be a mistake.” But vegans need some vegan sweet tooth loving though! So today I’ll be blogging about a wonderful cupcake shop in Silverlake called Lark.

Lark is actually not a completely vegan cupcake shop; in fact, they actually supposedly only have a couple of vegan flavors. But hell, that’s already way more than a bunch of other cake places! I found out about this beautiful gem from none other than [and not surprisingly] by my love,Wilson. How ecstatic was I though?! It was a great effin’ surprise.

The BEST effin' vegan cupcake thine lips and mouth will ever taste


The flavor that I tried was a vegan Chocolate frosted-Orange cupcake, that had a delectable dollop of pudding inside of the cake portion. Holy crap…it was AMAAAAZING!!! Who does that?! The pudding inside just really pushes you over into vegan dessert dreamland dude. And normally, I really dislike the combination of chocolate and orange, but really, in this particular case of Lark-ness, they did the damn thang right! I am now a full-fledged chocolate/orange fan. But it must only come from Lark.

Anyway, hmmm….I am now looking at their website and it doesn’t seem to list the vegan flavors. For shame!!! But trust me guys, they have them! I swear! Get your booties down there!


Lark :: Home of Vegan cupcakes!

Oh! And Lark is located at:

3337 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

(323) 667-2968

Mmmm…it’ll be one vegan cupcake experience you won’t wanna miss.