A Truly Vegan Restaurant

Many so-called vegan and/or vegetarian restaurants in Los Angeles can hardly tout that they are in fact, “a truly vegan restaurant.” But in fact, there is one restaurant, located on the fringes of Hollywood, that actually goes by, and lives up to its name: A Truly Vegan Restaurant.

This quaint little place is charming, and perhaps even a bit out of place amongst the shiftiness of the outskirts of Hollywood. Just a couple of blocks down, are some loud, obnoxious Hollywood clubs, and if you go a little more East, it gets even rougher. As in transients and hookers rougher. Not that I have anything against transients and hookers and Hollywood clubs, because hey, we’re all human, but I’m just saying that typically, vegan and vegetarian restaurants tend to be located in areas of “health conscious” folks. But again, I digress.

In actuality, A Truly Vegan Restaurant offers a welcome respite, an oasis of vegan glory, if you will, on this side of Hollywood. It may be on the small size, but they definitely have all their bases covered, in terms of Thai-inspired vegan dining goes. I must say, that although So Delicious is devoted only to thee most delicious vegan and vegetarian foods, this place is just okay…okay as in mediocre. I can’t be saying that EVERYTHING is wonderfully delicious and amazing, can I? Especially in terms of restaurant reviews. I’m not saying this place is awful by any means. I’m just saying that I’ve had better.

However, I could have sold myself short by ordering the wrong things. AND, they actually do one thing amazingly well: their vegan chocolate shake. Lay thine eyes on it below!!!

Vegan choco shake glory!!!!

We ordered the vegan quesadilla of course. I had to give it a shot! What can I say. It’s my thang. However, this quesadilla was also just okay. Not my favorite, but still very edible. The cheese was the soy mozzarella-type cheese, but it was a little bland. The tortilla they used was a bit too thin and it was also overcooked. You needed a lot of their sauce on it, in order for it to be really good. C’est la vie. You can’t always have an amazing vegan quesadilla.

Vegan quesadilla of blandness  :(

I also ordered the vegan Thai coconut and tofu soup. Again, the soup was just okay. It was a little too watery for my taste. I was expecting a creamy coconut delight of a soup…but alas, high hopes led me to a bit of a let down. It’s hard to not have expectations, but I should work on having lowered expectations, especially with new vegan restaurants that I haven’t heard about.

Vegan coconut soup, sans coconut milk

Yes, so actually, the chocolate shake is quite worth the trip. And in all honesty, if you’re cruisin Hollywood boulevard and tired of the scene, this place is great. The food, while not being the absolute best, is still not worth ruling out on a night on the town. Like I said before, it’s a welcomed, truly vegan respite.

A Truly Vegan Restaurant is located at:

5907 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 466-7533


Open daily: 11am-1opm