A Veggie Island in the Sun

ALOHAAAAAAA boys and girls!  It’s been a minute since we last spoke.  Much has happened in the way of life, and many vegan/vegetarian foods has since been consumed in our time spent apart.  Time waits for no man or woman, I suppose.  Is it safe to say that I have missed all of you?  Ah, but I have, I have.

Anywho, this particular post will cover a fantastical, magical, oh so delish vegan restaurant that I was lucky enough to be shown by mi amiga, Monica, located none other than the place from whence I came from, the lovely island of Oahu.  This restaurant completely blew my mind because it was all JAPANESE vegan food.  Yeah.  WTF?!  That just doesn’t exist here on the mainland.  But after tasting their bits of Japanese vegan genius-ness, my question again and now is: why the fuck does this not exist in LA?!   Seriously.  Let’s all band together and persuade [bribe?] them to set up shop here…I promise you, you will not be disappointed.  WORD!


Oh yeahhhhh, brahs.  The name of this fantastic vegan joint is “Soy to the World.”  Clever and cute.  Soy to the World indeed!  I had to ask Monica to take me back to that place on multiple occasions whilst my rather brief stay with her in Hawaii.  Needless to say, I just really couldn’t get enough.  


My friend Monica, deep in thought.  Thinking about the best method of commencing and ravishing the delectable vegan treats and eats spread out before her eyes. 


Ooo yeah….a sneak peak of the insanely divine foods.  Can I just say that I almost cried tears of joy when I saw that they had vegan okara?  Lawd, have mercy, SOY TO THE WORLD! It’s a bit of a nostalgic comfort food pour moi…my grammy used to make it as a young lass, and I can’t even remember the last time I ate it.  

For those of you who not B knowin’, here’s Wikipedia’s take on what okara exactly is:

Okara or soy pulp is a white or yellowish pulp consisting of insoluble parts of the soybean which remain in the filter sack when pureed soybeans are filtered in the production of soy milk. It is part of the traditional cuisines of Japan, Korea, and China, and since the 20th century has also been used in the vegetarian cuisines of Western nations.

So if you don’t know, now ya know.  I <3 okara!


Just look at that vegan madness.  This picture really doesn’t do any of the dishes any sort of justice.  They had fantastic vegan tofu cutlet-style sandwiches, the aforementioned vegan okara, vegan Japanese-style potato salad [another nostalgic comfort food], heavenly tofu based desserts, and best of all, and what they are apparently famous for: fresh, homemade soy milk shakes/smoothies!  Feast thine eyes below.



All the ladies who worked there [and strangely enough, yes, all the workers were women] were all so sweet, and seemingly so passionate about all things soy.  I could feel the love in each bite and sip of the homemade soy milk!  Word is born, son.

So next time you make that 5 hour flight to Honolulu, make sure you hit this spot up.  Your taste buds will NOT regret it, and probably will soon have you doing things against your will…such as squandering the rest of your savings for another airplane ticket back to Hawaii…over and over and over again.