As American as Spirulina Pie…


Well, perhaps many, if not most Americans have yet to taste the delectable green goodness that is Spirulina Pie.  It’s a bit unfortunate, though I will be anxiously awaiting the day when more people can treat themselves to this vegan piece of heaven.  Serious.  This vegan dessert is NO JOKE.  Literally mind-blowing.  And did I mention that it’s completely RAW vegan?  Ooooooo baby I like it rawwww… 

Anyway, you may think, “Ew, gross, it’s fucking greeeeeeen.”  But nay, it is nothing that your veggie taste buds have ever feasted upon before.  And where, you may ask, do you find this emerald gem?  Fortunately and unfortunately, the only place I know where you can experience this, is on the Westside, in Santa Monica, at a little place called EUPHORIA LOVES RAWVOLUTION.  It’s really like an oasis of all the vegan hippiness you could imagine, all condensed into one small, beautiful shop.  I’d like to say it’s magical.  And truly, their food is just that.  

So the other day, Ginger and I jaunted down there to get us a raw vegan sweet tooth fix.  She eats raw, while I eat basically vegan, so Euphoria was and is basically the perfect place for us to go.  Who says you can’t have your pie and eat it too?  Har har….

Yeah so, she ordered the Spirulina Pie to go, while I ordered something else [I forgot what it was..] and whilst we were walking back to the car, we both tried a little bit of the pie.  Holy christ, it was like having an orgasm in my mouth.  I felt like my body left this world, for real!  So needless to say, I HAD to get a whole slice all for my gluttonous self.  

It’s such a beautiful dessert.  Not only is Spirulina incredibly good for you [a powerful anti-oxident, good to fight stress, to detox, the list goes on], the texture and flavor of it is truly impeccable.  The chefs at Euphoria really did the damn thang.  You totally forget that it’s raw and vegan!  It’s so creamy and smooth and rich.  Ugh.  Just thinking about it right now makes me want one.  

Also, we were trying to figure out the ingredients in this pie, and narrowed it down to: Spirulina [duh], nuts [cashews/almonds/macadamia nuts], and coconut butter.  Crazy!  Also, I asked the lady who worked there how they got the texture to be so velvety smooth, and she told me the secret’s in the macadamia nuts.  Cat’s out of the bag ya’ll.  I’m sorry.  Loose lips sink ships, so they say, but you know what, I just hope this makes more people go out and treat themselves to this incredible vegan decadence!