Thanksgiving procrastination

Ay yai yai. I realize I never did post more vegetarian and vegan Thanksgiving recipies, especially for the main course dishes! My apologies ya’ll. But as I mentioned earlier, I lean towards being a bit of a procrastinator. So yes, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy, and I was one of the few shoveling vegetarian and vegan ingredients frantically down the aisles of Vons, 1 hour before the rest of my family came home. And yes I did say Vons. I wished that I had known Trader Joe’s was not open on Thanksgiving… ANYWAY, and since it was so whim oriented, I could barely think straight and could not think of all the delicious vegan Thanksgiving recipes that I had been perusing the previous days before. Alas, I was left to my own instincts/intuition/good vegetarian judgment.

Word of advice when shopping for vegetarian and vegan ingredients when you have absolutely no idea what you are going to cook. Well, actually not that I know anything, but since I have the stage, I’ll just pretend that I’m the one that came up with this idear. Just go down the aisles and pick out all the things you like!!! Chances are, especially being vegetarian or vegan, you will naturally come up with a great dish just on instinct alone.

So here’s the yummy vegan dish that I prepared [in less than an hour at that!!]. [Oh, also, I apologize for no measurements, but...I think most of you vegans and vegetarians out there, are most likely well-groomed chefs by now!]

Got a bunch of fresh veggies that I adore—

  • eggplant
  • asparagus
  • sweet corn
  • crimini mushrooms
  • spinach

And again, SAUCE be e’rythang. Vegetarian SAUCE, vegan SAUCE, saucey sauce sauce. The sauce makes the dish!! So yeah, since I was making something only for myself, I went and shopped around the Indian sauce and spice section. Wow, ever since turning vegetarian, my how I appreciate Indian food. They are just so brilliant with the combinations of spices and ingredients, and are almost always at least vegetarian-friendly.

Okay, so I just chose blindly [well, still looking at the ingredients to make sure it was vegan, but you know what I mean]…and I went with: Patak’s Original Sweet Peppers & Coconut cooking sauce. I was a little worried because I never tried the brand…but oooooooo weeeeee it was lovely.

Anyway, so this is how it goes:

  1. I washed, chopped and prepared all those beautiful vegetables.
  2. In a medium sized sauce pan, I poured some extra virgin olive oil and started to heat it up.
  3. I added some minced garlic to the oil and let that simmer up for awhile.
  4. Then I threw in the vegetables that would take longer to soften, namely the asparagus and eggplant.
  5. After a bit, I threw in the mushrooms and corn.
  6. Lastly, I threw in the spinach.
  7. Once everything was in, I started to season it a bit, just with some black pepper and salt, all while turning over and stirring everything.
  8. Then…BOOYAKASHA!! I added the yummy vegan Patak’s sauce and let it simmer for a bit.
  9. Voila! and now I take all the credit for a mighty fine and delicious completely vegan Thanksgiving dish!!!

YUM! I paired that with some easy microwavable cous cous, and man, I was set.

Thank youuuuuuu Patak’s!!