Vegan Bathroom Humor/Propaganda

I have to apologize in advance if you are of the more sensitive nature. This post is definitely not for the vegans/vegetarians who’s stomachs are easily churned at the mere thought of a bathroom, whilst expecting food or savoriness. So if that sounds like an accurate description of your disposition, please consider yourself warned, and avert your eyes away from this post immediately!

Ah…and for the rest of you, whose stomachs and humor are cold and hard as steel, like mine, we can now revel in vegan bathroom humor and propaganda, quite literally. There was a particular month in which I consistently found myself at the throes of vegan propaganda while I was in many a public restroom. It caught me so off-guard, that I was immediately intrigued and decided that I HAD to document these things. It really was both strange and interesting that these vegans out there decided to place their vegan propaganda on the back of girls’ [and perhaps boys?] restroom doors, so that it was just staring at you, boldly and obtrusively, in such an assumed private moment. It was completely fantastic.

Oh yes.  Vegans are not only haunting you whilst you pee, they are also guilt-tripping you in your supposed most “relieving” moments.  How very subversive, and thus, awesome!!  Ha!!  Quite a sense of humor, I must say.  So you see why I HAD to also post this, and share with you my findings.

And lastly, I will leave you on a high note with this:

I saved the best for last, babies!  Long live vegan propaganda/bathroom humor/terror!  XO!!!