Bulan /// Thai Vegetarian Restaurant

Yooooooo!  Okay, so I know practically every vegetarian/vegan restaurant that you frequent in Southern California, Los Angeles specifically, every last one of those motherf#$@rs are of the Thai cuisine.  Who knows why?  I clearly do not know.  But what IS clear, is that these Thai places have definitely cornered the vegetarian/vegan retaurant market.

So why, oh why would I talk about yet another Thai vegetarian restaurant?  Ummmmmm….probably because it MUST blow all the other places straight out the effin’ water!!!  Yep, indeedy.  Straight up and NO DOUBT.  After eating at Bulan, your tastebuds will never want to go back in culinary/savory scale.  In a nutshell, this place does the damn thang, and sets the Thai veggie cuisine at a brand new standard.

Thai vegan YUMMINESS

Unfortunately, I seemed to have misplaced my camera…AGAIN.  So instead of showing you hi-res images of the oh-so-delicious food that we ACTUALLY ate, I had to resort to thievery of sorts, and swiped these babies straight off of Bulan’s very own website.  Gangsta, yeah I know.  Or maybe “lame” / “resourceful”, is more like it.

Anyway, first off, this restaurant is so effin’ cute.  It has a really nice vibe and is actually decorated quite nice inside, more so than a lot of other veggie restaurants.  There is actually some coherence to the design choices, and it creates a pleasant ambience.  It’s not a large restaurant, but it’s cozy, and the large ceiling-to-floor windows make up for what they lack in space/size.  I <3 large windows.  :)

The service is ace, and everyone’s really nice.  We also got our food rather quickly, and that’s always a plus, especially if you’re feeling ravenous as I was today.  Onto the foooooooood…


I ordered a Panang curry, with soy chicken and brown rice.  UGGGGHHHH…let me just tell you, it was savory and heavenly.  It was creamy and not to spicy, but bursting with flavor.  It was the kind of curry you can definitely write home about.  Or in this case, blog about.  Even the brown rice they served was as beautiful as it was delicious.  It had some jasmine or these really pretty magenta grains in there, that gave it a really nice touch.

The veggies they used in the curry included: carrots, peas, red and green bell peppers and some basil.  All of them had great color and tasted really fresh.  They used a coconut milk base, and even THAT tasted fresh; not like some canned bullshit.  Actually, I think that they pride themselves on using only the freshest of ingredients, and they tout that on their website.  Again, let me just tell you, they’re good for it.  Even the presentation of all the dishes were very beautiful and well thought out, and therefore even more appetizing than they already were.  I’m such a visual/eye candy whore, what can I say?

Ooo, I forget to mention.  We had an appetizer of grilled veggie dumplings that were just absolutely phenomenal.  They were perfectly grilled, and not one was burnt or overcooked [as can be the case if I'm left to fend for myself].  They were stuffed with minced mixed vegetables and bean curd.  To. Die. For.  The spicy soy vinagrette sauce was the icing on the cake.

Speaking of sweets, we ordered some vegan sweet treats after dinner.  We definitely went balls to the wall today!  So we had their coconut custard, which was an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise.  They were served in these tiiiny dishes, and were hot off the press/oven, and were a little savory, more so than sugary sweet.  They were a PERFECT ending to a delightful meal.  My only complaint was that we couldn’t get more, without appearing gluttonous.  C’est la vie.

This place is crazy.  And I mean good crazy.  Just check out the other reviews they linked on their website!  It’s not just me that thinks they’re epic.  It’s just a fact o’ the matter.  And best of all, there are TWO fabulous locations: One on Melrose, and one in Silverlake.  What whaaaaat.  And honestly, I hope they open more.  More, more, MORE!!!!

So love yourselves, and treat you and yours to the wondrous-ness that is Bulan.


4114 Santa Monica Blvd.
Silverlake, CA 90029
+1 323 913 1488

7168 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
+1 323 857 1882

Both locations open daily /// 11am – 10pm.