Vegan sweet and simple snack attack

Hello, today will be short and sweet…[insert corny joke here].  Well today after I was eating my vegan Thanksgiving leftovers, I wanted something just a little sweet afterwards.  Not having much of anything to work with, here’s what I concocted:

  • soy milk [plain or flavored, your choice]
  • fresh blueberries
  • honey or organic brown sugar, for those of you who do not eat honey.

You can just let it all sit there and drink the sweetened milk, or can mash up everything together to make it more coherent.  Sometimes I like to heat it up a little bit and mash everything together…sounds kinda unappetizing, but it’s really good, especially when it gets chilly outside like it is now.  I like to make this every once in awhile when I happen to have all three ingredients at the same time.  It’s easy, sweet, yummy, and…did I mention easy?  Well, you know, I don’t know what to name this vegan recipe of mine…so any suggestions are more than welcome.  Uh…I guess for now it’ll just be called “Vegan blue milk.”  Creative ain’t it??