Little Tokyo :: Suehiro Cafe, best Japanese diner in L.A.!

Suehiro's vegetarian dish, the house special

Yes, that may be a brash or bold statement, but hey, that’s what I feel. Sue me! No but really, it’s really really good. And the price is yummy too!! [i.e. $ out of a $$$$ rating] Okay so Suehiro Cafe is located in Little Tokyo and here’s their info:

337 E First St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 626-9132

Being Japanese myself, I feel that my opinion of their food is somewhat valid [growing up eating the stuff and all]. Their selection is humongous, and everything is so delicious and tastes totally homemade by my grandma or something. It’s awesome. Another bonus point is that they are open super late usually, so it’s another spot in L.A. to hit up after a hard night of boozin. Wooooo!!! [Are you seeing a theme with the frequent mentioning of spirits and also late night eating spots?]

Anyway, so as for vegetarian dining options, there are quite a few. As for vegan dining options, not so much, unfortunately. But there are definitely an array of veggie side dishes that are yummy too. BUT. Holy crap. They have one of the best meal deals that I’ve ever encountered. It’s called the “House Special” and basically it is eggplant and bell peppers sauteed in a miso-teriyaki sauce, with your choice of either tofu, beef or pork (?), and it comes with miso soup [totally vegetarian and vegan-friendly], suemono [which is pickled cucumbers, also vegetarian and vegan-friendly...duh], and your choice of muy delicioso ice cream at the end!!! All for only $8.95!!!!!! What the ??!!?!??!!?

Needless to say, I usually always get that STEAL of a deal, and usually give the ice cream to whom ever I am dining with that eats dairy. But, if you are a vegetarian with a killer sweet tooth, I say go balls to the wall and get either the azuki/red bean flavor or the green tea flavored ice cream, both my personal favorites, as well as being flavors that are Japanese staples. I remember those flavors very fondly, with nostalgia and saliva hurtin’ my dome.

Vegetarian dish, oishii!