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Lark vegan cupcakes :: Silverlake

As usual, I’ve been having mad sweet tooth cravings. Unfortunately I think this is much influenced by Wilson. Ahhh well what can you do? Now I’m of the thought that sweets make life much more pleasant…and this is somewhat adopted from a quote by Nietzsche, that “life without [dessert] would be a mistake.” But vegans need some vegan sweet tooth loving though! So today I’ll be blogging about a wonderful cupcake shop in Silverlake called Lark.

Lark is actually not a completely vegan cupcake shop; in fact, they actually supposedly only have a couple of vegan flavors. But hell, that’s already way more than a bunch of other cake places! I found out about this beautiful gem from none other than [and not surprisingly] by my love,Wilson. How ecstatic was I though?! It was a great effin’ surprise.

The BEST effin' vegan cupcake thine lips and mouth will ever taste

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Scoops :: Vegan ice cream haven!

Scooopaloooop! Yummy vegan ice cream

The other day, my friend Remi and I made a trip down to Scoops in the ambiguous part of town…Melrose + Heliotrope, a.k.a “Silverlake adjacent.” That place is like an oasis of vegan-friendly, cute, youngish, hip[ster?]-friendly shops, restaurants and stores in the midst of run down, shady looking stretches of city blocks. It’s actually really fantastic. It’s right where PURE LUCK is located! In fact, Scoops is right across the street from Pure Luck. Talk about convenience! AND also, that’s just what most people do! A super fresh vegan meal at PL, then to Scoops for something sweet for all you vegans with sweet tooths!

Scoops is a adorable and quaint family-owned ice cream shop. It just so happens to be one of the few ice cream parlors on the Eastside of LA that has vegan-friendly flavors! Needless to say, I think most vegans on this side of town think Scoops is an oasis of sorts as well. The owner, Tai Kim, a.k.a “The Emperor of Ice Cream,” allegedly wakes up early every morning just to make the freshest, creamiest and most exotic ice cream flavors in LA. I don’t know if that’s just word on tha streetz or what, but I’ll tell you what, SCOOPS’ [vegan] ice cream is off tha chain!!! Scoops really has all the local customers/fans/business on lock because of the incredible quality of the ice cream.

It’s such a nice treat to be able to go out and get ice cream whenever the mood strikes, instead of buying cartons at a time. Also, like I said before, the flavors are all so unique!! The day Remi and I went, we got a super satin-y Dark Chocolate and hazelnut vegan ice cream. But lots of times they have flavors like Balsamic Vinegar and Strawberry, Ginger and Black Sesame, Cinnamon Pumpkin…and these are just his vegan flavors!! He has tons of sorbets like Jackfruit and lychee, Mango, etc. And I hear his non-vegan flavors are mind-blowing as well!

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Does that look nuts or what?! Pardon the pun. So the other day Wilson’s pops gave me a coconut, because he knew that I was totally in love with the coconut juice from that Vietnamese restaurant that I blogged about earlier. They’re fantastic!! Such an awesome vegan treat/snack. And really, this is coming from someone who used to hate all things coconut. Plus, a fresh coconut completely blows that canned stuff out of the water.

Anyway, coconuts look so weird without the brown hairy stuff you’re used to imagining! Let me just tell you though…anything with coconuts [or a whole coconut itself] is paradise!! [I'm so cheesy today]. In fact, not only does this delicacy taste totally amazing, but it’s also really nutritious! It has plenty of potassium and the juice is very mineral-rich.

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Green Leaves Vegan…got it goin’ on!

So the other day, me and my boo went to Green Leaves Vegan in Los Feliz. Also, the weather has been so beautiful, we ate outside and it was really pleasant. Man, that place is so good! It has so many options to choose from, and a ton of dishes that are really hearty and that really hit the spot. I was craving me some faux-egg [tofu scrambled] breakfast burrito…and Green Leaves does the damn thang! I think it’s my favorite place in LA to get a vegan breakfast burrito.

Vegan breakfast burrrrrito!!

Ooo..the kind that I ordered was a scrambled tofu with a baked sweet potato pancake, topped with some soy cheese. Heavenly!! I really like it because the taste is so amazing, and there was a point in my life where I would eat breakfast burritos every damn day. Something about the heartiness.

We also ordered the vegan quesadilla….BOMB. You can order it with lentils [which is also completely savory] or with only soy cheese. We ordered ours with extra extra cheese!


Vegan Quesadilla :: Extra soycheeeezy off the heezy!!

Dude, it’s wild. I kid you not, these types of dishes really make me totally stop all sorts of nostalgic cravings in their tracks! I think even if I ate cheese, I’d still prefer this vegan one! Man, and see that sauce on top? It’s so awesome! It’s actually a BBQ-ish sauce, which honestly I usually don’t like, but for some reason, Green Leaves’ is no joke!!

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Vegan Cookie Monster

Oh yes, that’s moi. But I’m sure a lot of you guys are too! Don’t lie. You ain’t gotta lie to kick it. Anyway, I love love love cookies and I just really need quick fixes a lot of the time. Don’t you? In cases like that, what’s a vegan to do [who hardly, if ever, bakes]? Well, I already blogged about the notoriously savory Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies. Today I’m giving a shout out to these big suckers right here:

Vegan cookie cookie cookie

OH yeah baby. I apologize for the mugshot-esque picture, but the thing is, I got an insane craving at work and had to run out and get one of these cookies at a cafe down the street, and when I got back to my desk, I took this snapshot in haste out of eagerness to eat the cookie. :(

Oh but man, did it hit the spot! So apparently, a company called the Alternative Baking Company churns these bad boys out.  These cookies are HUGE.  Did I mention muy delicioso?  And also, they are “healthy” too!  What more could you ask for in a cookie.  In my humble opinion, I think it’s a perfect size though.  Especially since you only get one per package.  They also have a variety of flavors, such as: Colossal Chocolate Chip [pictured above], Explosive Espresso Chip, Peanut Butter Persuasion, Double Chocolate Decadence, and a whole bunch of other incredible flavors.

Personally, I’ve only had the Colossal Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Persuasion.  And although I do have to admit that I still prefer Uncle Eddie’s Vegan Cookies, these ABC cookies are great in their own right.  Especially when you are having a monstrous craving, but don’t want to feel guilty buying a whole bag.  These cookies are just one big shot and you’re done.  No more reaching in and grabbing/eating mindlessly until you realize you’ve done finished the whole bag.  Err….yeah.  So go give these a go-go!  You won’t regret it.

Anotha Easy Vegan Recipe!!!

‘Ello there luvies. Oh yes, the title is true…another EASY VEGAN RECIPE comin’ atcha!! Thank god for lazy vegan chefs like myself, no? Hey, I never claimed to be no Iron Chef here. Har har. Soooo! What I made for myself the other day was a couscous dish with sauteed veggies and garbonzo beans, drizzled with a sweet basil pesto sauce. E-Z, Breezy, beautiful delish vegan food. All made under 20 minutes. Hot damn!

The MAJIK ingredients

So the magical ingredients are depicted above…sans the giant salt shaker. I do recall there was a few dashes of salt in there. Yeah, so how easy is that? I’m not joking. So simple, yet so gourmet [?]

ground pepper
a few dashes of salt
a packet of sweet basil pesto sauce
vegan butter
veggies of choice
garlic, minced
garbonzo beans [if you want some heartiness]

So clearly the star of the show is the sweet basil pesto saucey sauce sauce. I got this little packet of goodness at the aforementioned Co-op, which I blogged about earlier. That market is fantastico.

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New Years recipes continued…Japanese soba noodles!

Why hello there darlings! I have one more vegan Asian New Years recipe for ya. Japanese soba noodles!! Yes indeedy. My family gathering had a big bowl of soba noodles and I was inhaling it like no other…as were my other family members. There is such simplicity to this vegan recipe that is both refreshing and sublime at the same time, kind of like listening to Joni Mitchell. Okay, but the reason why Japanese people traditionally eat soba noodles at New Years, is that it is thought to bring about a good, long, healthy life. Get it?! Long noodles = long life. Word!

Japanese soba noodles :: For a long, happy vegan life!

Anywho, this is again, a super duper easy vegetarian/vegan recipe for ya’ll to try. So the main thing about the dish is the noodles. Oodles of noodles. Okay bad joke, sorry. ANYWAY. Soba noodles are usually made from buckwheat and very health for you. They usually have a brownish tint to them, unless they are Green Tea soba noodles, and then in that case, they have a hint of green. You can get the dried form [which basically looks like regular pasta], from any Japanese supermarket [like Nijiya or Mitsuwa], or any other Asian food market. I think sometimes even large American supermarket chains are starting to carry “exotic” things like that. You’ll also need to make a sauce for the noodles to go with, and I’ll list some additional condiments you can top your soba off with! Oh, I also almost forgot to mention, this is a dish that is usually served COLD, much like revenge. Damn!! What’s with me and the corny jokes?! Anyway, eating soba cold is actually super refreshing and light, and is also very delicious.

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Happy New Year!!! :: 2008 Viva the Veg-ness

Chinese vegan New Years

Happy New Year everyone! 2008 in the hizzy!! Are you excited for it or what? I apologize for the corny title…but yeah…whateva, you like it. So these past couple of days has been pretty food-filled. Mainly Asian foods due to my family’s ethnicity. And typically, a lot of Asian cultures are pretty traditional in regards to the types of foods to be eaten for New Years. Traditional in so much as many different types of dishes symbolize or are thought to bring about things such as good luck, prosperity and the like.

Soooo…what I’m gonna give ya’ll over the next couple of days are some very simple traditional New Years Asian vegan recipes!! Woooooo! Yeah didn’t think they had that did ya. Well I didn’t at least. Not until recently!

Okay, so pictured above are some mouth-watering vegan dumplings, paired with a very delicious vegan sauce to dip them in, and lastly, some very satisfying sweet potato porridge. Chinese tradition has it that dumplings are symbolic of good luck and prosperity, mainly having to do with money. Play on playa.

Anyway, my boyfriend’s dad is a bomb ass chef, and he is the one who is responsible for all that goodness up there. And even though I’ve been lucky enough to eat a lot of his dishes that he specially prepares, and also for the fact that he is able to tell me how he made these delicious vegan recipes, unfortunately I do not have all the exact measurements. Zut alors! But I have faith in you.

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More on Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Food…

Hey party people! Sooo.. just as I promised, I did make a trip back down to that place I blogged about yesterday. Drumroll por favor… the name is : THIEN HUONG RESTAURANT. Check it! Unfortunately, they do not seem to be listed online anywhere. Let me just tell you though, they really don’t need to. That place is poppin’ at all hours!! It’s really just about the amazing quality of the food, because it sho ain’t about anything else really. I take that back, the service and everyone who works there is super super friendly and nice. So please go if you can. It’s in a plaza off of Hill Street in Chinatown, next to this place called San Woo. Hope that helps!

Well anyway, since we’re/I’m still on this topic of vegetarian and/or vegan Vietnamese foods, I’ll give you a little heads up, quick and E-Z recipe that you can easily make at home whenever the cravings hit you.

So what it is here that we’re going to go over is the Vietnamese spring roll. Spring rolls are great, especially for vegetarians and vegans, because all you really need is the Vietnamese rice paper and whatever else you enjoy eating, and you’re good to go. It’s a really simple and tasty snack.

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Vegetarian/Vegan Vietnamese Food :: Chinatown, LA

Wonderfulness [and also saliva] drops from my lips when I think of certain vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese dishes. Particularly, my two favorites are the vegan spring rolls and the vegetarian sandwiches. It just doesn’t get any better than those two staples right there. I literally have crazy cravings for them, and often.

Vegetarian Vietnamese sandwich, very, extremely close to heaven.

Oohhh…just look at that goodness. Also, beneath all of that cilantro is some of the most amazing fried tofu I’ve devoured in a cool minute. I’m eating well over here at So Delicious! and I’m happy to share the vegan and vegetarian gems that I find with all of ya’ll. Dude, okay so today me and Vinh went to this crazy good Vietnamese restaurant that he touted as thee “best Vietnamese restaurant in LA.” Word, word. And indeed it was.

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Urth Caffé :: Westside in the house!

Last night we made a little trip to the Westside to visit some friends of ours, and we had a few hours to kill, to chill and eat some dinner before we met them at a bar. Fortunately, the Westside of LA has a plethora of dining options that are vegetarian and vegan -friendly. Wooooot. We decided to go to Urth Caffé in Santa Monica, which is located on Main Street.

Check it:

Urth Caffé – Santa Monica!
Located at 2327 Main Street, (310) 314-7040, between Pico and Ocean Park, in the heart of Santa Monica’s famous shopping district just a few blocks from the ocean.

All hail Urth Caffé

Yeah so basically this place just quality, quality, fine dining all around, and the atmosphere is very not stuffy at all. It’s a café, afterall. It’s one of the best though…so swing by and stuff yo face! They have 3 locations in the LA area [Santa Monica, Bev Hills, WeHo], mainly in the more decadent ‘hoods, but that makes sense because the food is equally decadent. HOWEVER! There is soon to be one in the downtown area!! I’m rootin for it, but as I understand it, word on tha streetz is that it is not entirely welcomed by all. After they eat there though, I’m sure the haters will soon be flocking there in droves. Word!

Urth Caffe Bakery at a glance!

Okay, I really need to remember to carry around my digi cam with me…!! But these pictures from my cell phone cam must suffice for now. Look at that bakery shot!! Come on. How could you not want to have one of these places in your ‘hood? Don’t front.


On to the food…as I said before, Urth Caffé is not entirely a vegan restaurant, but is very vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Bless their hearts. I believe they are most known for their organic coffees and teas, but their food is not to be overlooked. The food is clean and amazing! So what I ordered was the Combo special, which was a bowl of soup along with half of any of their delicious sandwiches.

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A very vegan xmasssss… happy holly daze!

Christmas has done come and gone. And you know what Christmas equals…it equals massive amounts of foooood!! Okay, maybe the amounts are not quite “massive” for my vegan and vegetarian brethren. But that’s what I’m here fo! To talk a little about some easy vegan recipes that I cooked up over these past couple of daze. Juu ready??!!

Okay for Christmas Eve, we had a little din din at my parental unit’s house. It was nice because I could just cook right there on the spot, and my mom already has a bunch of ingredients and even went shopping for some of my favorite veggies. I heart my mummy! So what I made was a vegan risotto paired with some sauteed vegetables and tofu. E-Z breezy right?!

Here’s the recipe for the vegan risotto, which I found yet again on the PostPunkKitchen blog, a.k.a :

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Mom vs. cussing on my blog; a democratic hearing

So unfortunately this short post will not contain any information on new/enticing vegan or vegetarian foods. I apologize. However, it will contain a short rant, followed by a request for comments and/or votes. Okidoki?

Okay, the other day I went back home to my ‘rents house and my mom told me she read my blog because my dad showed her. And basically she was upset by my cussing [?!] and asked me to stop it and take off all the cuss words. First of all, it’s like….WHAT?!!? Is this a joke? This is my blog. Second of all, cussing to me is like stripes to a zebra. A life without cussing is just no life at all to me. I discovered my first cuss word when I was a wee child in Japanese school and I saw the “F” word scratched onto the chalkboard, and ever since then it’s been a non-stop, wonderful journey. Without cussing, there is no me.

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Rahel Vegan Ethiopian Cuisine To Go-Go

Rahel Vegan Ethiopian Cuisine!


So today we’re talking about quickies. And by quickies I mean, quick, on-the-go, readily available, delicious vegan meals. What did you think I meant? More specifically, I am going to rave and rant about the companies/restaurants that distribute meals such as the one that is pictured above.

For the 5 people that actually read my blog, if you happen to remember a previous post that I wrote about Ethiopian food, then you know how good I think it is. Imagine my surprise and enthusiasm when I saw that vegan Ethiopian food to-go was available at certain stores!!!? There is a god!!!

Gods and deities aside, I found this lovely gem of a finding when I was at a Westside grocery store [but of course]. If you don’t know about The Co-op, now you know suckas! The Co-op is the ishhhhhhhhhhhhh. Honestly, for certain things, I love The Co-op even more than the more widely known health/grocery store chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

The Co-op is located on Broadway in Santa Monica, between 15th and 16th street I believe. Here’s a link to their website: The Co-op!

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